$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

#5-Wedding Ring Style Personalized Satin Ribbon Sold by 100 Pieces As Low as 3.99 each


Ribbon Style

Collections: Custom Design


  • Choose the ribbon color you want your purchase to be, and then note the print the color from the following colors when you place your order:
    • White, Ivory, Burgundy, Silver, Gold, Pink, Light Blue, Red, Lavender, Iridescent, Purple, Navy, Royal, Blue, Black, Chocolate


  • Custom prints on 3/8” satin ribbon.
  • 100-piece set.
  • Order are shipped uncut.
  • Hot foil printing (not laser/machine engraved).
  • Used for favors, gift wrapping, décor, baby showers, etc.
  • Limited spacing between each repetition of text.
  • They are not intended to be cut individually or made into bows.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Each roll is large enough to hold more than 1 order (i.e., if you make 5 orders, you will not receive 5 different spools. Your orders are still all there).

Printing Restrictions:

  • 34 character maximum (includes spaces).
  • CAPS take up 1.5-character spaces.
  • Can only print English letters, numbers and the following symbols: ( ) ? ! : $ " , @ / - & 
  • CANNOT print foreign characters, symbols, or accents. NO custom logos. We are unable to print anything that is not listed here.


  • Emblems take up 2-character spaces.
  • Please indicate in the text box using “%” (without quotation marks) where you wish to place the emblem.
  • Only ONE emblem is allowed
  • Is the desired location is NOT indicated, we will determine the emblem placement and our decision will be final.

Print Time:

  • Time required for producing your personalized items BEFORE shipping. 
  • Print time does NOT include shipping time.
  • Please allow yourself enough time for shipping.

Text Imprint Guidelines:

  • We will print EXACTLY what you enter (unless we cannot fit the entire line in CAPS, then we will change to lower case).
  • We will NOT check for spelling errors, mistypes, or print color combinations.
  • WE WILL NOT contact you by email or phone to ask and confirm issues such as emblem locations or shortening sentences as this delays the production process.
  • WE WILL NOT be held responsible if the emblem location is not to your preference if the placement was not stated in the order.
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE to complete the text fully with the % (for the emblem) to avoid confusion as to what the print should look like.
  • PLEASE review your order carefully before order confirmation.

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