$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

Glitter Tulle Bolts 54 Inch x 10 Yard Wedding Fabric




  • 100% Polyester
  • 18 Colors
  • 54” X 40 Yards Glitter Tulle Fabric Bolt.
  • Perfect for Art & Sewing Crafts, Weddings, Decorations, Birthdays, Ribbon Art, Wrapping Gift Boxes, and Displays.

How To Cut Tulle From a Bolt:

  1. Cut your tulle fabric into pieces that measure 1 - 1 1½ Yards (our tulle bolts are 54” wide, which is about 1½ Yards).
  1. Smooth out the piece of tulle on a flat table, then grab one end of the tulle and begin to fold it up in a long strip between 2” and 3” wide and 54” long.
  1. The ends are going to look ragged. Feel along the tulle starting from the end, and work your way along the fabric, squeezing it to find where it becomes thick. Cut off the period at the point where it begins to feel thick.


Our 54” tulle bolts are made from 100% polyester fabric, offering quality that you can't find anywhere else. These premium bolts are perfect for all sorts of art and craft projects with their amazing quality, stunning colors and spectacular texture. The light and airy feel the tulle fabric offers a luxurious appearance to whatever you apply it to, making it perfect for creating gift baskets window displays, hats, veils, and costumes. With its high-quality construction, the fabric will hold its shape and resist wrinkling, offering an unmatched appearance. The shimmering glitter addition to the fabric adds another layer of beauty to already beautiful fabric, the soft sheen creating a mysterious and wonderfully decorative appearance. Transform your favors and gifts into pretty parcels by adorning them with this outstanding tulle. With 54” x 10 Yards of material to work with, you can have a ton of fun designing your DIY decorations with this fantastic fabric.

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