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$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

Satin Roll Fabric 65 Inch x 60 Feet Single Face Silk Satin Roll




  • The high-quality satin fabric comes in rolls that measure 65” × 60’
  • Satin fabric is used mostly in weddings, bridal gowns, dresses, costumes, lingerie, and blouses. For men, the fabric is useful in neckties, baseball jackets, and other various apparel. Other uses of the material include bed sheets, interior furnishings, and upholstery.
  • The fabric is affordable and lightweight.
  • Multiple colors are available.

Tips For Sewing With Satin Fabric:

  • Use sharpened scissors. This will prevent your cuts from fraying edges and pulling threads that will ultimately ruin the appearance of your fabric.
  • Always cut the fabric in single layers.
  • Consider cutting your pattern pieces on the bias. You don’t want to have too many seams as that will mean you have a higher chance of your project puckering.
  • Use an appropriately sized sewing machine needle and a good quality thread. Use a short stitch length and hold the fabric taut as you feed it through the machine.
  • When sewing slippery fabrics, you should use a walking foot. This will help both layers of cloth move through the machine at the same rate and avoid puckers in your seams.
  • Finishing your seams is a must because satin frays very easily. Using zig-zag stitching on your machine is a good choice, as it's lightweight and won't show through the right side of the garment.


Made from 100% polyester, these beautiful single face satin rolls come in 19 unique styles such as gold, apple green, silver and much more. They're great for weddings and are useful for celebrations of any size. They're always the first choice for those looking to make DIY table covers and runners. The sixty feet provided in each roll is enough to create ten table covers or satin overlays. That's a lot of table covers you can make from just a single roll, and you can be confident when using this fabulous fabric that they'll come out beautifully!

Tools You’ll Need:

  1. A pair of scissors and a ruler.
  2. To make a table overlay, you just need one cut per each overlay. As the width of the fabric roll is already 65”, we’ve finished that for you.
  3. Find you've made an incorrect cut? That's alright; you only need 650" of fabric to finish all the overlays you'll need. The 60' roll is 720" long, so you have plenty of extra space to work with.

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