$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping Limited Time Only. Free Shipping to 48 States Over $100!

Whetstone Knife Sharpener | TROMSO



  • THE MOST COMPLETE SHARPENING KIT. Get everything you need for professional knife sharpening in one kit.
  • 2-SIDED KNIFE SHARPENING STONE. SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE. Our sharpening stone kit works even for beginners – everyone can use the sharpener easily.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We know you will love how easy you can use our sharping stone for knives.
  • NON-SLIP BASE. Keep this professional knife sharpener reliably still for your convenience.
  • INSTRUCTIONS. Regardless of the size or length of the blade, you can find the instructions as how to sharpen it efficiently on the package.
  • Imported from Germany


Possessing a sharpening stone of your own is indispensable for your kitchen work. Using blunt knives is dangerous, as dull knives cause most injuries and cuts in the kitchen from trying too hard to make them work. A sharper knife is not only the safer choice to work with, but the easier one as they will cut through food that a blunt knife would catch on. Compared to using a dull blade, properly sharpened blades are a pleasure to work with, and this knowledge went into creating this sharpening stone.

Constructed from premium quality materials, this is one of the best sharpening stones you can find and is quite simple to use. All you need is the stone, a dull blade, and some water. This whetstone knife sharpener suites the uses of chefs, kitchen and pocket knives, scissors, or any other bladed edge that needs constant care.

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